X Quest Pet Simulator Shop Guide – All the tasks and how to complete them!


Roblox Pet Simulator X has recently added a brand new feature to the game called Quest Shop. This feature allows players to complete missions and earn mission points, which can then be used to purchase various rewards. The Quest Shop can be accessed through tags that offer quests in each world of the game.

One of the rewards available in the Quest Shop is Quest Egg 1, which contains two pets – an M-10 PROTOTYPE with a slot rate of 100% and a huge M-10 PROTOTYPE with a slot rate of 0.1%. Quest Egg 1 can be purchased for 400 Quest Points. Possibly new pets will be added to the egg over time, leading to the introduction of “Quest Egg 2” and so on.

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Another reward available for purchase with Quest Points is the M-10 Hoverboard. Although the speed of the hoverboard is not known yet, it can be purchased for 5,000 POIs. The M-10 Trading Booth, which changes the player’s trading booth style to match the M-10’s pet, can also be purchased from the Quest Shop for 1,000 Quest Points.

For those looking to boost their gameplay, the Boost Pack is a great option. This pack can be purchased for 800 Points of Interest and contains four different boosts: (x35) So Lucky! And (x65) Triple Coins! And (x85) very lucky! And (x65) triple damage! In addition, players can unlock an additional equipped pet slot by purchasing the “+1 Pet Slot” bonus, which costs 7,500 POIs. Pet storage can also be expanded by purchasing the “Pet Storage” bonus, which unlocks an additional +800 storage space for pets and costs 800 POIs.

Finally, diamonds can also be purchased with quest points. The Quest Shop offers three different sizes of diamond rewards, including Tiny, Medium, and Large. The small bonus costs 500 POIs and provides 250,000,000 diamonds, while the medium bonus costs $2,000 and provides 1,200,000,000 diamonds. The Big Bonus costs 5,000 POIs and provides 5,000,000,000 Diamonds.

It should be noted that the Quest Shop will offer more rewards in the future, making it a great way for players to earn Quest Points and gain access to exciting new in-game items and features.

Pet simulator X task list

X represents a random number that will be assigned when you receive a task.

  • Pet X from the mysterious merchant
  • X pets from the travel merchant
  • Pets X from the trading stalls
  • Create a legendary X fused pet
  • Enchant pets with royalty
  • Enroll Pet X in daycare
  • Equip +X pet at a time
  • Break X boxes on Paradise Island
  • Break X boxes in the city
  • X broke chests in the winter
  • Break X coins on Candy Island
  • Break X Coins in the city
  • Break X boxes
  • X broke chests in the winter
  • Break the X Diamond in the desert
  • Diamond X broke in the diamond mine
  • X broke the Great Heaven’s Gate chests
  • Break X magma boxes in the volcano
  • Presents an X break
  • Break X presents in the jungle
  • Break X progresses at Glacier
  • X broke the safes
  • X lockers rest at the beach
  • Breaking down the X vaults
  • Break out the X Vaults in the Enchanted Forest
  • Break the X vaults in the mine
  • Hatch X Pets from Eggs Hell
  • X Mythicals hatch from the eggs of Heaven’s Gate
  • X pets hatch from old eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Forest Eggs
  • Hatch X pets from the mine eggs
  • X pets hatch from toothy eggs
  • X Pets hatch from Starter Eggs
  • Hatch X glossy
  • Hatch X Shiny Pegasus Pets
  • X Shiny Pets hatch from toothy eggs
  • Hatch X Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets
  • Use the daycare frequency
  • Use the Enchant Machine X times on sparkling pets
  • Use the gold machine X times
  • Use the rainbow machine X times


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