10 new items for Roblox UGC doors are now available


The popular Roblox horror experience Doors has released a bunch of new UGC items that you can buy with Robux. These items are not only for use in Doors, but you’ll be able to wear them and show off your new drip in almost every experience on the platform.

Roblox Doors New Ugc Items 1 image
Screenshot: Try Hard Evidence

The developers behind Doors are actively pushing the brand in and out of Roblox. Along with this new batch of UGC items, they recently partnered with Makeship to create a Seek Plush Toy that could still be Purchased until June 2nd. We’ll have to see what other ideas they have in store for the brand, as they continue to expand it beyond the boundaries of the platform.

Here is a list of all the newly available items that you can purchase:

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