Former Machina, legacy film distributor A24 partners with Kojima Productions for Death Stranding film

Kojima Productions has partnered with A24, the film’s distributor Ex machine And Hereditary, in the 2019 live-action adaptation of Death Stranding. A feature film adaptation has been in the works for some time, with Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima revealing that he is “deeply involved in the production, supervision, plot, design, and content of the film adaptation” but is not handling directorial duties.

Now, thanks to a T-shirt illustration on the official A24 website, we know that Kojima Productions will be teaming up with A24 to make the movie.

“It’s official: we’ve partnered with Kojima Productions on the live-action film adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s acclaimed video game Death Stranding,” Shirt description reads

The shirt isn’t available for purchase yet but here’s what it looks like:

As you can see in the image above, the shirt features the A24 logo with death stranding strands hanging below it. It looks great and costs $40 when available for purchase. A24’s website says it’s “coming soon”.

While this T-shirt description is rumored to be about this A24 x Kojima Productions team-up, official A24 or Kojima Productions (or Kojima himself) channels have yet to acknowledge it. However, given Kojima’s love of A24 films and the kind of films A24 typically makes, A24 seems like a good fit for a live-action Death Stranding film.

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Are you excited for a live-action Death Stranding movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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