Hitman World of Assassination version may be updated, patch notes


Hitman World of AssassinationAnd IO Interactive replacing Hitman 3 With new roguelike elements and other trilogy content, it released a comprehensive update in May featuring more content and nearly a hundred improvements.

the Hitman World of Assassination The collection launched as recently as January, and is now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Here’s the May update announcement from the official Assassin Twitter feed:

This is undoubtedly an impressive update, reassuring that IO Interactive is committed to supporting and expanding the range Assassin franchise. The sheer volume of bug fixes is massive, and they address a wide range of issues both bigger and smaller.

It’s nice to have new content, but this part of the update is relatively small and a bit of a mixed bag. Freelancer’s Prestige feature is a little frustrating. There are perhaps more inspiring ways to renew interest than to win back the guns.

However, the explosive stylus is a great addition. Since you will need to revisit the patient zero Campaign and eliminate Craig Black, this is a perfect incentive mod for players to dive into the old missions.

The exploding pen also celebrates the most winning qualities in Assassin in one object. The movie adaptations were clearly written by people who have never played the game. Fans love the franchise for its stealth and imaginative assassination techniques, which allow for some great strategic freedom and hilariously weird moments.

New ways to eliminate your target, even with smaller tools like the Exploding Pen, are a welcome surprise. Hopefully there will be more additions like this to keep fans developing.

Meanwhile, the quality of life in Hitman World of Assassination You will seriously improve. Everything from fixed bugs to subtle balancing changes facilitated an extensive list of problems, which casual gamers might have missed.

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