How to clear Yansamin Shrine (Proving Grounds: Low Gravity ) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)


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While exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, I came across a Shrine I was probably unprepared for. This is the Yansamin Shrine, a challenge Shrine that removed all my equipment. I had to rely on my wits, which admittedly did not inspire hope, and whatever tools I scavenged inside the Shrine. This one proved challenging, but in the end, I solved it by using the methods below.

Where to find the Yansamin Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

You can find the Yansamin Shrine in the Sky on Zonite Forge Island. This is located east of Great Sky Island at coordinates 2672, -1407, 1480. The island is quite high up, but I could reach it by gliding across from Great Sky Island and using a bunch of stamina elixirs.

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To reach the Shrine, you must get inside Zonite Forge Island. Go to the base and activate the Zonai Device. This turns on the fans surrounding the island. Use the glider and make your way to the top. Jump into the center hole and dodge the lasers as you fall. The Shrine will be inside, along with a Zonai Device Dispenser.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – How to Solve Yansamin Shrine

To solve and complete the Yansamin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom requires you to defeat nine Constructs. These are spread out across three levels. The catch is that you do not get any equipment you carry and must rely on the items you find and take from the Constructs. Here is my recommended order to complete the Yansamin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to find and defeat all Guardians of the Shrine of Light Constructs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There are two Constructs on the first level, six on the second level, and one on the third level. Of course, you can defeat these how you want, but this is the order I defeated them. There were Zonai Rockets and a Zonai Fan inside, but I did not use these. The platforms are numbered in the image below.

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Start with the Construct on the center platform on the ground level. This one is easy to defeat and the closest, so get it out of the way. You can simply use the weapons you picked up at the entrance. Be sure to take its weapon after defeating it.

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Next, head to the Construct on the right platform on the lowest level. Use Ultrahand and grab the spike ball before it fuses it with its weapon. Use this to defeat the Construct by smacking it until it drops. This saves any damage your weapons will receive from attacking.

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Grab one of the explosive barrels and carefully bring it to the launching platform below. Place the barrel on the platform, let it fire upward, and destroy the rocks on the highest platform. Climb onto the platform and launch yourself up. Defeat the Construct here. I highly recommend getting rid of this Construct before attempting the middle levels, as it will constantly fire arrows at you.

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Now, jump to the platform below you to your right. Use Fuse to attack the Zonai Beam to your shield. Lock onto the two Constructs on this platform and let the beam destroy them. Pick up the Captain I Blade and head to the platform across from the elevator.

The Captain I Blade can defeat the remaining Constructs in one or two hits, as well as knock their shields aside. Carefully face them and defeat the Constructs on this platform, being careful not to let them surround you.

Finally, jump on the floating platforms that lead to the remaining Construct. Use the Captain I Blade again and strike down the last Construct. With all Constructs defeated, your equipment will be given back to you. Head to the exit, grab the chest and interact with the statues to collect the Light of Blessing and leave the Yansamin Shrine.

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