How to get FPS Counter in Starfield Game Pass

If you’re playing Starfield on PC through Game Pass, you’ll see you don’t have the handy in-game FPS counter like you would on Steam. You can still check your FPS easily, however.

How to turn on FPS counter in Starfield on Game Pass

Hitting the Windows button and G at the same time will bring up the performance tab when you’re in a game, and that will show you your FPS. It’ll also show you things like CPU and GPU usage, so you’ll see how much of your PC is being used to play Starfield.

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If you’re not a fan of the look, you can also opt for a third-party app. The MSI Afterburner app is a good option for many people, and it’ll offer the same tools the Xbox Game Bar offers. It’ll just come down to some personal preference.

How to get access to FPS counter in Game Pass

You’ll notice the first time you use the Game Bar’s FPS counter it’ll say you have to request access to make it happen. All you’ll have to do here is click the FPS button, enable access, and then restart your PC. If everything was done correctly, you’ll be able to see your FPS the next time you fire up Starfield or any other game through the Xbox app.

Knowing your FPS is a good way to gauge whether your PC is up to the task of running a game that’s demanding. If you’re seeing a lower than expected number, it might be time to lower some settings or even upgrade your PC. When it comes to Starfield, it might be a combination of both.

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