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Limited edition pets and eggs are just one part of what makes Pet Simulator X go ’round, but it’s quite a big part to say the least! In some cases, these eggs and pets are added with holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas; in others, they’re added with a weekly or monthly update and removed soon after. For those looking to hatch a Scavenger Egg, you’re in luck—this sneaky egg has stuck around since its introduction in February 2023 and can be obtained pretty easily! Continue reading below to learn more.

How to get a Scavenger Egg in Pet Simulator X

Scavenger Eggs are limited-time eggs that can only be hatched on Saturdays (Pet Simulator X’s update day) and are only available for 30 minutes. Immediately following Pet Simulator X’s weekly update, a scavenger hunt event goes live for just 30 minutes in which players have the opportunity to find three hidden Scavenger Eggs. These eggs appear in different locations each week and disappear after being opened, making the pets inside them decently rare!

With the April 29, 2023, Piñata update, the pets that could be hatched from the Scavenger Egg were changed for the first time since the egg’s debut—removing the Safari Cat and Huge Safari Cat and replacing them with the adorable Safari Dog and Huge Safari Dog.

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If you miss a post-update scavenger hunt, you won’t be able to hatch a Scavenger Egg until the next week, so be sure to enter the experience right before update time if you’re interested in participating!

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Scavenger Egg Locations

The chart below details all the locations the Scavenger Egg has been found since it’s release.

Update Egg 1 Location Egg 2 Location Egg 3 Location
Valentine’s Update Samurai Island (Fantasy World) None None
Daycare Update Haunted Island (Fantasy World) Cat Taiga (Cat World) Axolotl Cave (Axolotl Ocean)
Trading Update Heaven’s Gate (Fantasy World) Tech Shop (Tech World) Doodle Cave (Doodle World)
Comet Update Steampunk Chest (Tech World) Cat Kingdom (Cat World) Limbo
Kawaii Update Cat Paradise (Cat World) Axolotl Cave (Axolotl Ocean) Doodle Woodlands (Doodle World)
Dojo Update Steampunk Chest (Tech World) Axolotl Ocean (Axolotl Ocean) Cat Kingdom (Cat World)
April Fools Update Axolotl Cave (Axolotl Ocean) Cat Kingdom (Cat World) Ancient Island (Fantasy World)
Diamond Mine Update Samurai Island (Fantasy World) Cat Taiga (Cat World) Doodle Cave (Doodle World)
Piñata Update Beach (Spawn World) Pixel Alps (Pixel World) Doodle Farm (Doodle World)


That’s all there is to know about the Scavenger Egg! Have you been able to hatch any yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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