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MLB The Show 23 allows you to customize your equipment for both your Road to the Show player and your Diamond Dynasty team. You can earn equipment rewards by playing either mode and earning XP, which will unlock rewards through the Diamond Dynasty program. After unlocking equipment, how can you change it for your RTTS player and your Diamond Dynasty team?

How to change equipment in MLB The Show 23 Road to the Show

To change equipment in Road to the Show mode, select your player profile icon on the top left of the screen. From there, scroll left to the sidebar and scroll down to Playstyle. Once on the Playstyle sidebar, scroll right to return to the menu and scroll down to Equipment. From there, you can select each equipment category, where you find every unlocked equipment item for that category. Select which equipment you want to use, and remember that equipment will affect your stats in different ways.

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If you want to change the appearance of your equipment, you must scroll to the sidebar and go to Appearance. Scroll over and select Equipment Style to change the color and look of your RTTS player’s equipment.

How to change equipment in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty

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Diamond Dynasty equipment is a little different from Road to the Show, as you can only change the team’s bats and socks through the equipment menu. To change Diamond Dynasty equipment, go to the Home menu of Diamond Dynasty and select Customize. Then, select Team Equipment and from there, you can select which bats and socks you want your team to wear. Each equipment piece will also affect the stats of your entire team, so it is a good idea to try to unlock some quality equipment for your Diamond Dynasty team.

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