Pet Simulator X Titanic Tiedye Cat and Dragon Plush Coming Soon

Photo: Big Games

Roblox Pet Simulator X fans can now bring their favorite pets into the real world with the much-loved Titanic Tiedye Cat and Dragon gameplay. Designed to appeal to fans of all ages, these charming and vibrant plushies each come with a matching Baby Tiedye Cat or Dragon plush.

Purchasers of this plush will also receive an exclusive in-game code, allowing them to add a Titanic Tiedye Cat or Dragon pet to their virtual collection. The plush is made of 100% polyester and is airtight and airtight and comes in two sizes: 16″ and 6.5″.

Pet Simulator X Belted Dye Plush s
Photo: Big Games

all The plush is $249.99 It will be available in a limited drop with no restocking planned. Due to limited availability, it is expected to sell out quickly, so interested buyers should be ready to place their purchase on Sunday, May 14th at 11am (CST). BIG Games will ship these plushies worldwide, with a limit of 2 per cart.

For those who missed out on this exclusive opportunity, previously limited edition plushies such as Capybara and Lucki Titanics have been known to Show on eBayselling for between $340 and $500.

The Titanic Pets in the game are highly sought after, as they are among the rarest and hardest to find collectibles in the game. When traded, these virtual pets can fetch values ​​of 10 trillion diamonds or more, making them a valuable addition to any Roblox Pet Simulator X fan’s collection.

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