Tales of Seikyu launches in early access in early 2025

Yokai Fantasy Farming Life Simulation Game Tales of Seikyu will be released in early access for PC via Steam in early 2025, recently revealed publisher Fireshine Games and developer ACE Entertainment announced.

Tales of Seikyu is a truly enchanting fantasy farming adventure that we are very excited for everyone to experience early next year,” said Katie Clark, senior product manager at Fireshine Games, in a press release. “With its magical, ever-changing twist and adorable villagers to meet, Tales of Seikyu It’s a cozy and wholesome game that we immediately fell in love with. “We can’t wait to show off more of Seikyu’s magic in the coming months.”

Here’s an overview of the game, via Fireshine Games:

Developed by ACE Entertainment and published by Fireshine Games, Tales of Seikyu takes players to the magical land of Seikyu, a haven for legendary creatures from the yokai world, to build the farm of their dreams and restore a country inn to its former glory.

Earn skins that enhance your abilities to transform into mythical creatures and aid you in your exploration of Seikyu. Shapeshift into a Tengu Crow and fly freely into the skies, effortlessly scale cliffs as a Dryad Tree Spirit, or dive deep as a Slime in search of hidden treasures.

Forge connections with extraordinary characters and cultivate friendships and romances with the adorable townspeople of Seikyu, opening their hearts, empathizing with their joys and sorrows, and fostering relationships.

Expand your ranch, grow crops, craft unique recipes, renovate old buildings and decorate rooms to create a cozy pastoral environment or a luxurious monster inn. Build your farm alone or collaborate with friends in an online co-op, on an enchanting journey to become Seikyu’s top rancher.

Watch a new trailer below.

Summer 2024 Showcase Trailer

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