Silph Road, a popular Pokemon Go source, to cease operations


In an important development within the Pokemon Go community, the team owns Silph Road, a popular resource among enthusiasts announced its intention to cease operations. A year ago, Niantic, the game’s developer, stepped in to take care of the Silph Road team when operational costs were escalating beyond manageable levels. This timely sponsorship allowed the team to continue their services while keeping their web resources ad-free.

Niantic’s sponsorship of The Silph Road has ended. Combined with increasing financial constraints and the current state of the game, the team decided to end operations, marking the end of a memorable chapter.

It is important to note that the /r/ sub TheSilphRoad It will continue to operate, as the moderation team operates independently of the Silph Road team, ensuring that the subreddit remains active.

However, the Silph Road’s various tools, software, websites, social channels, and community resources will be phased out. The community map, Nest Atlas, and other game resources are up and running It became inaccessible from May 12, with travelers’ cards still valid until August 1. The Community Ambassador program will continue under Niantic’s sole operation, while Silph Arena ( will remain fully operational until the end of the current season. The Silph Research Group will also continue its research activities, sharing its findings directly on the subreddit.

The last day to check in to the community event will be May 21st. By August 1, the last season of will conclude, Passenger Passes will be archived, and the remaining Silph services will cease to exist.

The Silph Road team is grateful to the hundreds of team members who have dedicated their time to creating a global platform for Pokemon fans. In its seven years of operation, Silph Road has seen some impressive accomplishments, including hosting over 135,210 PvP tournaments, recording 1,671,245 event check-ins in live encounters staffed by 29,314 personal volunteers, engaging 821, 308 subscribers to the /r/TheSilphRoad subreddit.

Despite not having a business model or in-app purchases, and being entirely a grassroots initiative, The Silph Road’s impact on the Pokemon Go community has been significant. As this chapter ends, the team members look forward to embarking on their next adventure, leaving behind an amazing legacy in Pokemon history.


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