VR Adventure Eye of the Temple kicks off Meta Quest


Eye of the templeThe virtual reality adventure from developer Rune Skovbo Johansen and publisher Salmi Games has officially launched Meta Quest today. The new trailer for the game showcases a variety of treasure hunt-themed puzzles, traps, and obstacles, similar to Indiana Jones And Tomb rider.

Eye of the temple Originally launched on Steam in October 2021, it’s now available on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. There’s still no word on plans for a PS VR2 port. You can watch the full launch announcement today on the Meta Quest YouTube channel here:

Eye of the temple Choose your topic wisely. The naturally contained setting, and the complex mechanics it provides, lends itself to room-scale virtual reality gameplay.

Eye of the temple He also has that signature, golden look to his effects, and players even get a chance to wield their whip. At first glance, casual gamers will likely dismiss this as some sort of rip-off of a classic blockbuster.

But it finds its own personality, particularly in the way it engages with virtual reality. Eye of the temple Extraordinarily immersive, with obstacles that encourage players to participate in more than simple hand gestures. Moreover, since the temple itself directly challenges players, the space feels more lively than traditional adventure games in virtual reality.

There is something very bright and fun about it Eye of the temple, not only in its technical design, but also in the mechanisms of access to it. Although one would likely lose one’s balance in something like this, fans also praised how easy the game felt. Therefore, it is certainly a welcome addition to the Meta Quest library.

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