Where to get the Training Dummy in Wartales


Medieval RPG Wartales has really captured the imagination of tactical battle fans like me. The battles bring back that XCOM feels but in a new setting while taking away the luck element from hits and damage makes it feel more strategic and less luck based. Sometimes you need to add new companions to your party, but they’re not always at the level you want them to be. Luckily you can get to work on this with a camp item. Here we’ll discuss where to get the Training Dummy in Wartales.

Wartales Training Dummy recipe location

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As with quite a lot of the items in Wartales, the location of the Training Dummy was moved at launch which makes many of the pre-launch early access guides out of date. Where you used to be able to pick up the Training Dummy recipe in the Vertruse Arena, it has now been moved into a tougher zone. You will now find the Training Dummy in the Nairolf Arena, which is in the Ludern Region.

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Once you have the Training Dummy recipe from the vendor in the arena, your Tinker can create the dummy. Once in your camp, you can assign one of your companions to it, which will help them earn XP faster. However, if you’re playing in Region-Locked mode and are not well-kitted out for it, you shouldn’t go running off to Ludern to pick it up just yet. Ludern is largely full of mobs of levels 7 to 8 and the difficulty of the Arena reflects this. It is tougher than those in both Vertruse Province and the County of Arthes, and as with those you cannot buy items from Nairolf Arena until you have defeated its champion.

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